Juicy Smoked Porchetta

Full List of Ingredients

  • Half a Pork belly
  • Piece of pork tenderloin
  • Mike's BBQ Rub Original Dry Rub
  • 5 pieces of Garlic 
  • Handfull of Parsley
  • Handfull of Oregano
  • Handfull of Basil
  • Olive oil
  • Butcher twine

Optional Instructions for this recipe

Do a simple Brine.

All you need is Salt,Brown Sugar, Water, Mike's BBQ Rub Original Dry rub. Heat water and mix in all the ingredients together. Bring it to boil remove from the heat. Ice cubes can be added as well to stop the cooking process all together. Place Pork Belly and tenderlon in large plastic bag and place in fridge overnight. You can use a large bin as long as it fits in your fridge.

-Full Instructions

 Place pork belly flat on board and apply the herbs,garlic and olive oil


Apply the rub all over the piece of pork belly.... Remember this is large piece of Pork so don't be shy :) Next part is to season the piece of pork tenderloin with Mike's BBQ Rub Original and next step you will need the butcher twine. Wrap the pork belly around the pork tenderloin nice and tight and then season the outside (both sides ) with more rub...again don't be shy :) 

I get asked a lot, "how much should I use?" The great thing about my Original Dry rub is that the flavors are all well balanced so you will never have to worry about it being too salty or too sweet. I am not saying to use a whole 3.5 kilo food jervice jar :) but as long as every part of the pork belly is covered then you are good to go!.

Next step, is to prepare your smoker and set it for roughly 250-275 degrees and cook until the internal temperature is 145F-150F. Once the temperature is hit, wrap & make it rest for 15- 30 minutes. For this cook I used Cherry & Hickory wood but you can also use pecan or apple wood as well.

Once its ready then its time to slice away! Hope you are all hungry because the amount of slices you get is just unreal. This can feed a whole neighborhood! It can make for some amazing sandwiches maybe some cubanos or simply with a fork and knife :)!

Which ever way you choose to enjoy this lovely pork belly, the end Result as you can see is simply stunning :)