Smoked Spicy TRUFFALO BBQ Chicken wings


  • 20 Full Chicken wings
  • Mike's BBQ Rub Spicy blend
  • Olive oil 2 tablespoons


  • Place Chicken wings in a plastic bag or bowl. Drizzle olive oil to wings & then add the spicy rub and start mixing it all together. Let sit in fridge overnight or for a few hours ( minimum 2 hours ) 
  • Prepare smoker at 225-250F degrees with Cherry & Hickory wood & place wings on smoker.
  • Cook wings for about 90 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 170-175F. It may take a little longer than 90 minutes or maybe less. Always cook to temperature! 
  • Once the wings are ready, its time to add another layer of HEAT!
  • Put all the wings in a bowl and apply the TRUFFALO BBQ Sauce and mix all the wings together! 

Optional : If you want the wings to be crispy then once the wings are ready and you added your sauce, cook them on direct heat for a few minutes. It can be either on charcoal or on your gas BBQ if you want the wings to be crispy. We personally find both ways to be delicious :) 

PS, as you can see these will be spicy!!!