• - 20 Chicken wings
  • - Mike's BBQ Rub Original spice blend
  • - 1 & 1/2 half cups of BBQ sauce (Our Original or Mango BBQ Sauce ) 
  • - Olive oil
  • -Aluminun pan tray or bowl
  • -Plastic ziplock bag 
  • -Cherry & Pecan wood


1. Place wings in an Aluminum pan tray or bowl and apply olive oil to wings & then start to rub the meat! Coat each side of the wing with rub and don't be shy! I really don't calculate the amount of rub I put however I make sure that they are well coated on both sides of the wing. Then apply the BBQ sauce ( either the Original or Mango sauce ) and mix well with hands. 

(don't forget to use gloves)

2. Place wings in plastic ziplock bag and leave overnight 24 hours in the fridge.

3. Prepare smoker at 275 degrees with Cherry & Pecan wood & place wings on smoker.

Turn half way through the cook and apply light dusting of more BBQ Rub & brush each wing with more BBQ Sauce! Remove from smoker once internal temperature reaches 170-175F

The total cook time should be about 1 hour & half to 2 hours however depending on the strength on your smoker, they may be done earlier or potentially later but just ensure that the internal temp of the chicken wings ins 165! 

4. Last but not least, please tag our social media pages & enjoy :)